Monday, December 16, 2013

Birthday Cake and the Transitory Nature of Material Life.

 Subject carefully considered.
 Image painstakingly rendered.
 Artwork thoughtfully viewed.
Masterpiece ritually destroyed.

Birthday cake must be the most ephemeral of homemade gifts. Made, not for sustenance, but for the immediate enjoyment of one little birthday girl (actually 2 little birthday girls, and 1 boy. That's right, 3 cakes!), for the duration of the birthday song. Then, before the candle smoke has cleared, its gone.

When our little ones celebrate, much thought is put into what theme Grandma will create on their birthday cake. Little schedules are rearranged so they can watch the action. They marvel as the image takes shape, maybe mix a few icing colors, or possibly lend a hand in the decorating. I appreciate my mother's zen ability to focus on the process, creating a reason to gather, not just cake, as the end result.

The cake is gone, but the sentiment is remembered. 

1 comment:

  1. What cute cakes! The chocolate frosting "mud" is genius. Even though this is transitory art, I suspect it nonetheless makes these the most delicious birthday cakes in the world. Ah, the gift of treasured memories.