Monday, June 29, 2015

Better Than TV

These little children, desperate for a pet, will have to be satisfied with sixteen boiler chicks that arrived last week. Our egg layers are such low maintenance I am hoping to instill the first hand rigors of animal care with these more intensive birds. I had no idea the entertainment they would provide.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Creatures Great and Small

 Shhh...He's hunting for a rabbit. Just in case he doesn't get him, I put up a new fence.
Feeling like everybody wants a piece of me this week. We cleared away weeds to reveal a robust soybean crop, unfortunately we revealed it to the rabbits too. Even with a double fence things are looking bleak. We are channeling Mr. McGregor, the blunt tipped starter bow and arrow isn't the only weapon in our arsenal. 

Our garden this week. 
{June 26, 2015}

Garden Triage

Our garden this week 
{June 22, 2015}
Our first week of true summer vacation, dominated by garden triage. Only away for two and a half weeks, we came back to a garden over run with weeds, and still more rows to plant that had to be cleared first. I'll spare you the before photo, for the sake of my dignity. 
Settling into our summer routine. 
Chief cherry pitter.
Found this guy in the garden.
Pick, shell, freeze. And I ate at least as many.
Hint at things to come.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Moving Fences

Making a rare appearance here to share a photo from our week. Happy Father's Day.

Monday, April 27, 2015

First Harvest

March 28, 2015
April 25, 2015
April 26, 2015
Maybe you noticed, I've been toying with the idea of giving up this space. As my children get older, and nap less, and eat more, and need me in changing ways, I find that I have to prioritize my time differently. Our house at the farm doesn't have an internet connection, and I hate to waste precious hours, when the kids could be digging in the dirt, posting here. But, those same children are completely without photo albums, or baby books to document the life spent so far. This little corner of the internet is all the memory book we have, so I guess I will keep doing it until I find the time to sift through the 10,000 (wish I were kidding) photos I have taken during their short lives, edit them, and send them off to Shutter fly.

With that, I am going to simplify things a bit, and give weekly updates a try. No hard and fast rules here, if I get excited about something you'll know it.

Here is our garden this week. Peas sprouted, garlic well on its way, onions, and potatoes just planted. This is the best year for asparagus I've had in a while. It's a shame I left some of it in the ground thinking one more day to grow would be a good thing during a 26 degree night. Little ones so contented with freshly tilled earth, that it's a shame we have to plant it at all. Better to keep small hands busy with our vast collection of dump trucks than pushing each other out of trees, and tipping over egg cartons out of pure curiosity (again, wish I were kidding).

 have finally gotten a community garden plot in the city. Three years of patient waiting for my name to come up on the list, and I am now the proud borrower of 64 square feet of inconveniently located Philadelphia real estate. Seems like a trifling nuisance after the muscle sculpting work of getting the farm garden into shape, but I am happy to have it to satisfy my 4 season gardening curiosity. I plan to focus on cool weather crops like greens, and roots, that are difficult to time with school year visits to the farm. It may pop up here from time to time.

You also follow our progress on instagram at #morrowfarmfresh. Or follow my (knitting and sewing intensive, consider yourself warned) feed @kristi_sweetkm.